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Americana Woodworks
Frequently Asked Questions

Stain Options
One of the most asked questions "What type of finish do you use on your Chairs"?

I use Ready Seal® wood stain and sealer it contains all the essential elements of a quality coating for exterior wood projects. Ready Seal® is a professional grade wood sealer that is superior to other sealer products when compared in ease of application, maintenance, and beauty of the finished project.
Ease of application was in mind throughout the formulation of Ready Seal® to ensure all consumers a hassle-free application, saving time for and promising a Goof-Proof process for homeowners.

Maintenance is also a breeze since all that’s really needed prior to an application is to let the wood dry and clean it. From there, just add another application, with no need to strip or sand anything the end result will be a professional look that will have others marveling at the quality look that’s presented.
Ready seal comes in multiple colors.

You can purchase Ready Seal in Bend Oregon at Rodda Paint and in Sisters at Hoyts, Lowes also carries some colors.
Also Amazon.
 Ready seal comes in multiple colors.

You can purchase Ready Seal in Bend Oregon at Rodda Paint and in Sisters at Hoyts, Lowes also carries some colors.
Also Amazon.
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I stock 4 colors Light Oak, Dark Walnut, Burnt Hickory, and Pecan.

The most popular color is Pecan. Light oak brings out more wood color and has Golden tones. Pecan has more brown tones. Dark Walnut has rich mahogany color tones and Burnt Hickory is Dark and Rustic.

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How do I order?
Do to the many different options and questions you might have the best way I have found is just email or call me. Nothing is better than a live person to talk too. If I do not answer right away that is usually do to being in the shop building. I promise I will call you back shortly.
Can I pay for my order online?
No. At this stage we require you to call in or email your order through our website. We require a 50% deposit that we can take over the phone to secure your order and yes, we accept Amex, Discover, Mastercard and Visa credit cards.
How does my Adirondack chair ship?
It ships semi-assembled in a box that measures 36" X 24"X 12" with UPS. All fasteners and adhesive is included along with clear instructions for assembly.
Every chair is fully assembled by us before it is packed down to ship. Everything is pre-drilled and carefully marked. The seat section is fully assembled and the back is fully assembled. It is a matter of attaching the front legs, the back, the back supports and the arms. It usually takes between 20 and 40 minutes depending on your skill level. Always follow the instructions, and, if unsure, do a dry fit without the adhesive. That way you can make sure everything is correctly aligned. Then you will know it is right when you finally glue it together.
How long before I receive my furniture?
We usually ship within 10 business days. Transit time depends on the distance it travels, but usually no more than 5 working days within the 48 contiguous states.
Why can you only ship furniture in the unfinished (no stain) cedar state?
When you do the final assembly and glue all the pieces together, you want a good wood on wood adhesion. Any finish (oil, stain or paint) will interfere with the glued joint and may cause a joint to fail. We can recommend the products that we rate the best depending on the finished appearance you require.
Are parts of chairs interchangeable if I have ordered more than one chair?
No. We assemble each chair individually before we pack it down for shipping and all pieces are pre-drilled and marked as such, so it is important that parts for each chair in it's own box are kept separately.
Why Western Red Cedar ?
Native to the Pacific Northwest, Western Red Cedar is a remarkable natural product and one of the most highly-prized woods today. It's natural resistance to rot, decay and insects makes it perfect for Central Oregon weather. This durable and affordable wood is renowned for its natural beauty and outstanding physical properties an ideal choice for long-lasting, low-maintenance outdoor patio, deck and lawn furniture.

How do I finish my outdoor furniture?
Do Nothing... I've got good news for many of you. Your first finish option is 100% cost and labor free - you do absolutely nothing. Because of the remarkable inherent properties of cedar (its resistance to rot, decay, and insects), many decide to leave their cedar furniture unfinished... Western Red Cedar is perfectly at home outdoors. Building codes across North America recognize cedar as a durable wood for exterior applications. Downed trees, over 100 years old, have yielded usable wood. Think of that! With proper care, your outdoor furniture lasting 100 years! Cedar's secret weapon is that the wood contains oils that act as natural preservatives that help the wood resist the fungi that rot wood, and the insects that like to eat wood. These are the same oils that give cedar its distinctive aroma (and why cedar is used in closets and hope chests). Some customers enjoy this cedar aroma and so leave their furniture unfinished seeking to retain the fresh invigorating smells. Left to itself, cedar will age naturally to a handsome silver-gray patina (with the occasional darker streak - it is a random natural process, after all). The wood grain will be raised a little over time, and be more prominent. Cedar furniture left unfinished works best in climates that don't encourage decay. A longer service life would also be expected if the furniture was kept on decks or patios, rather than lawn areas

Sealers and Wood Preservatives
Notwithstanding everything said above, although cedar is a naturally durable wood, it must be said that leaving it untreated is not recommended if you want to gain the maximum service life from your outdoor furniture investment. Your first line of defense against the elements that is the easiest and least expensive (well, other than doing nothing) is to apply a wood sealer. These are generally water repellents and water repellent preservatives. The purpose of these products is to reduce the absorption of water by the wood. The pores of the wood are at least partially sealed, and the effects of raised grain are reduced. When used as a "natural" finish, wood sealers/preservatives allow the natural aging of the wood. The more sealer and/or preservative that is absorbed by the wood, the better the protection, and the longer the service life. The service life of a water repellent is only one to two years, depending on the wood and the exposure. A good recommendation would be to reapply the sealer/preservative once a year.

The opinion on the use of oils on outdoor furniture is divided. Some desire a little more protection than a sealer or preservative can supply, yet want to retain the natural look and character of the wood. One of the earliest protections for outdoor furniture was oil. Old-timers would soak their outdoor furniture in boiled linseed oil to afford some measure of protection. In our modern times, linseed oil has been replaced by modern oil formulations that perform much better. An application of quality oil will help protect the wood and give the wood a rich appearance. Follow the instructions of the finish product carefully. Like sealers, the service life of an oil finish is one to two years, and a yearly application is recommended. If you decide to use an oil finish, you will achieve better protection if you choose a product that contains an ultraviolet blocker. Some feel that an oil finish is unsuitable for outdoor furniture because the oil will capture dust particles in the air. The finish can achieve a "dingy" appearance, and be harder to keep clean.

Cedar is considered to have excellent finish-retention qualities, with an exceptional ability to accept many different types of finishes. It is recommended that if you decide to apply a finish to your outdoor or indoor cedar furniture that you do so before the furniture has weathered much. Even a few weeks of exposure will decrease cedar's ability to hold a finish. Exterior wood stains fall into two groups - semi-transparent and solid color. Both come in a wide range of colors, and surely one will suit your decor and tastes. Once again, purchase a product with ultraviolet (UV) inhibitors for the best results. Little, or no, preparation is required to stain our furniture. The furniture is delivered completely sanded and stain does not require a primer. Just make sure the surface is clean. Apply a semi-transparent stain (with UV inhibitors) in two coats, following the manufacturer's instructions. To keep your outdoor furniture fresh looking, every other year you might consider giving it a very light sanding, and reapplying your semi-transparent stain. Some (the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association for one) advise against the use of solid color stains for outdoor furniture, maintaining that they are not really suited for smooth, sanded-wood applications. Solid color stains tend to leave a surface film which does not adhere well enough on the sanded wood to stand up to the day-to-day use. The service life of a quality semi-transparent exterior stain, with UV inhibitors, is one to three years (and likely only one year without UV inhibitors).

Paint, without a doubt, provides the most protection to your furniture against weathering and wear (especially from the detrimental effects of water). Being an opaque finish, it also conceals your wood's natural characteristics. Paint is available in an unlimited color range, and so is often a choice when your furniture needs to closely match a decor. As in the advice for stains, your furniture should not be allowed to weather any more than necessary before painting. Your furniture arrives completely sanded. For the best results, a quality exterior alkyd oil-based primer offers the best shield against staining by "bleed-through". A quality exterior latex paint (especially a 100% acrylic formula) remains the most flexible and durable as it ages. The service life for a high quality primer and paint system, properly applied, can be up to ten years. (However, at some point, the furniture will need repainting - requiring a thorough surface preparation, including scraping and sanding. By that time, you'll probably be ready to change the color anyway.)

NOT Recommended
Transparent, non-flexible, film-forming finishes such as lacquer, shellac, urethane, and varnish are not recommended for exterior use on cedar. Ultraviolet radiation will penetrate the transparent film (even with UV inhibitors) and degrade the wood surface. No matter how many coats you apply, the finish will eventually become brittle, then crack and blister - and will ultimately fail. If you do decide to apply a polyurethane, or similar, transparent finish - don't say we didn't warn you. So, the finish options are many for your cedar outdoor furniture, ranging from doing nothing, to various finish treatments to suit your needs and style. Finished properly, with high quality materials, your cedar furniture will give you decades of trouble-free service.





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